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From humble beginnings in the 1930's to winning "Best Car Brand" for the third year in a row in 2018, Mazda has an unprecedented history of quality and luxury. The history of Mazda as a company actually dates back to 1920, where it began as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., LTD. In 1931, the company began producing three-wheel pickup trucks and small vehicles to the Japanese market. Four-wheeled trucks began production in the 1950s. The first passenger car produced by the brand was the R360 coupe. This vehicle was launched in 1960. In 1970, Mazda came to the American marked with the R100 coupe. The R100 became the first mass-produced rotary-powered car in the states. In 1979, Ford Motor Company took a 25% stake in the company. Throughout the years, there have been many milestones for the company. The brand has continuously delivered on performance and style. When the time comes to buy Mazda parts, don't settle for anything less than genuine OEM parts. Find parts for your specific Mazda model by plugging in the VIN or details. You can also browse the parts we have by category.

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